American Western Arts Performers

Indy-themed performance in Cincinnati, Ohio 2017

Master Whip Artist / Writer / Producer Gery L. Deer

All of the performers in the American Western Arts Showcase are skilled professionals available for hire as entertainment, educational or keynote events. 


Gery L. Deer

Professional Whip Artistry Performer & Instructor

Managing Director – The Whip Artistry Studio

OhioWestern Arts Co-Founder / Director

Founder Society of American Whip Artistry

Multiple Whip Speed & Accuracy Competition Titles

2007 International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Wild West Performer of the Year

Director / Producer Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase, 2002-2012


Entertainment * Keynote Speaker * Team Building Presentations



Breathtaking fast-paced entertainment for festivals, schools, television, film, corporate and private events.

“Very impressive.”

–        Regis Philbin “Live with Regis & Kelly / America’s Got Talent”


“Gery Deer drew a bigger crowd, more laughs and more applause with his show than the regular performers.”

–        Mr. Randall Reeder of “Will Rogers Today

“Very Zorro-esque!”      – The Late, Great Alex Green – Professional Stuntman & Whip Coach

“Incredible”.   – Bob Herzog – WKRC TV  – Cincinnati, Ohio


“I held a tightly-folded newspaper out at arm’s length. I never felt an impact and everyone thought he’d missed, but when the paper was unfolded, bits of scrap fluttered down to reveal the number “31” (in honor of the official title “31 Flavors of ConFusion”) incised in the page. Plus, I got a little silver bullwhip charm for being a good sport!  It was a very cool trick!”

–        Jacqueline Carey – SciFi-Fantasy author

“Whip artistry and performance is unique from other variety entertainment because its roots go back thousands of years and fit nearly every venue from the Renaissance period to a  contemporary entertainment program.” – Gery L. Deer

See more at The Whip Artistry Studio’s official website,

Booking call (937) 902-4857 

Available courtesy GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd.



Certified Thrown Weapons Instructor / Performer Kirk Bass and his wife Melodee in “BASS BLADES”

Kirk Bass

Certified Thrown Weapons Instructor and Performer

Death-defying entertainment with BASS BLADES!





Corporate Events * Fairs * Festival

Contact Kirk Bass – Ph: 937-902-2842, email



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