American Western Arts Showcase at Annie Oakley Festival, York Woods

July 27-28, 2018

Darke County Fairground


  • Space opens at 10AM.
  • Official events begin at noon.
  • Informal workshops, practice and demonstrations throughout the day.
  • Evening Show at 5:30PM


1PM Wild West Arts Exhibition Contests

American Whip Speed & Accuracy Exhibition Contests

  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Speed Switch
  • The World’s ONLY Bullwhip Fast Draw competition
  • PLUS! The Indiana Jones-styled turning fast draw contest, just like you see in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Contestants will use an 8-foot or longer bullwhip to face off against each other in an effort to recreate the dramatic first crack by Indiana Jones.
2:30 PM Matinee Performance – Sneak preview for the Grand Showcase
5:00 PM Grand Western Showcase hosted by The Brothers & Co. Entertainers
Exhibitions and practice sessions open to public audiences throughout the afternoon.
Here’s a look at the speed and accuracy contest … (Filmed in 2005 at WWAC event, Oklahoma)

Whip cracking, trick roping, knife throwing exhibitions going on throughout the day as well as educational sessions to learn about the Wild West Arts and how these performers are working to keep them alive today.

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