Another year in the can, Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase 2013 – Happy Trails!~

Greenville, OH – What a great year at the 2013 Annie Oakley Festival and the 11th Annual Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase! This year, AOWAS producers Kirk Bass and Gery Deer hosted friends Chris “The Whip Guy Camp,” Robert and Mary Dante, Richard and Donna Best (Black Lightning Wild West Show), whip maker / percussionist David Crain (Heartbeat Artistry), Rich and Wendy Hoffman and young up-and-coming whip performer Luke “Whiplash Lucas” Taylor. After 5 performances, a host of lessons for all ages and some wonderful audiences, we’re all exhausted but it was so worth the effort.

(Thanks to Rich Hoffman for this fun video …)

A wonderful show Friday evening opened the weekend to a Saturday afternoon filled with some great contests. Rich Hoffman snapped up first place in the World Bullwhip Fast Draw Championship, while Chris Camp stole the Speed and Accuracy title as well as taking first place in the Speed Switch, two-handed contest.

Afterward, Robert Dante tried his hand at the candle snuffing world record. About 100 or so marveled as he made two attempts, coming close to his goal but it just wasn’t in the cards this time. Gery Deer and Chris Camp tried out the setup just for fun and both hats off to Robert. This is a difficult challenge and he went through it ‘officially’ twice in an hour! Amazing!

After 11 years, you’d think there was nothing more to do for the folks in Greenville, but that just isn’t the case! The Western Arts Showcase is the spotlight of Saturday night’s events and last night was no exception. The Brothers & Co. Entertainers (Gary Deer Jr., Ed Jones, Jim Karns and Gery Deer) brought some great music and comedy to the stage with classic country, western and oldies and added some fun sound effects to the show! Thanks to Melodee Bass, Barbara Deer, Debra Bays, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Tayl0r, and all of the folks who helped out with this year’s events! We appreciate it and nothing could have been better than stories by the Bass campfire!

If you missed it, join us next year. The Annie Oakley Festival is always the last full weekend in July. And our 12th year is certain to be better than ever! Watch for news about next year’s event coming in December! Until then, Happy Trails, and enjoy this photo gallery from the event. Thanks to Debra Bays for the great photos!

Our very special thanks to all of our sponsors, Culligan of Dayton, Gary Deer & Sons, The Brothers & Co., Amy Nielsen – Pampered Chef, David Crain / Heartbeat Artistry and the Annie Oakley Festival Committee.


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