What A Great Success At This Year’s Showcase

Gery L. Deer and Kirk Bass would like to thank all of the participants and especially the wonderful audiences from this year’s Western Arts Showcase at the Annie Oakley Festival, 2012!

We had a great weekend with young whip artist Luke Taylor, percussive artist (and whip maker) David Crain, Richard and Donna Best (the Black Lightning Wild West Show), Miss Annie Oakley 2012, and many others! It was a fantastic turnout for each of our 5 performances and the Saturday night feature show brought over 100 spectators!

Congratulations to Rich Hoffman who won first place in Whip Speed & Accuracy, the Bullwhip Fast Draw and the Whip Speed Switch competitions. Rich won three different gift certificates from David Crain at Heartbeat Artistry!

Special thanks to Barbara Deer, Debra Bays, Gary Deer Jr., Gary Deer Sr., Ed Jones, Jim Karns, Chuck Taylor, and the Annie Oakley Festival Commitee.

Thanks again to everyone and enjoy these photos from the event! Thank you to our sponsors, Culligan of Dayton, The Brothers & Co. Entertainers and Gary Deer & Sons Agricultural Hauling for sponsoring this year’s event!


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